Valhalla - KANATA forms trusted partnership

KANATA and TAQA North have formed a valuable joint venture in the Valhalla area. KANATA led the construction to enlarge TAQA's gas facility from 12 mmcfd to 45 mmcfd including incremental amine sweetening, condensate stabilization, refrigeration, acid gas compression and injection, condensate and NGL storage.

Processed gas is delivered to both the Alliance and TransCanada pipelines. NGL's will initially be trucked out with a future NGL pipeline in the planning stages. The expansion was completed on schedule late Q4-2018.

Located 60 km northwest of Grande Prairie, in the heart of Alberta's Montney resource development, the expanded Valhalla gas plant provides TAQA and third parties a new competitive option for processing. The facility provides amine sweetening, refrigeration, condensate stabilization, compression, condensate and NGL storage. KANATA operates and markets the facility.

Facility Specifications

  • Plant Inlet capacity:
    45 mmcfd
  • Plant Inlet pressure:
    480 psi
  • Stabilized condensate offtake:
    Truck out
  • NGL offtake:
    Truck out
  • Location:
    60 km NW of Grande Prairie
    GPS: Decimal – N 55.60°,
    W -119.34°
    Degrees: N 56°36'14.14",
    W 119°20'36.70"
    LSD: 13-21-76-09-W6M