Daiber - KANATA responds with customized solutions

When clients call, KANATA responds – it's that simple. It's one of the reasons we're different and why people like to work with us, and for us.

Unconventional Gas Resources (UGR) required hydrocarbon dew point gas processing under extremely tight timelines. KANATA responded by sourcing the key equipment and delivering a rapid response solution.

KANATA spearheaded the project by providing cost estimating, project management, regulatory and stakeholder consultations, EH&S, engineering, procurement and construction. All aspects of the plant commissioning were carefully planned, resulting in a seamless start-up and performance that has exceeded expectations. The Daiber greenfield facility was delivered in less than 12 months, ahead of schedule and under budget.

We rely on KANATA to have facilities ready when we need them, allowing us to focus on E&P business and grow our production.

Kin Chow, former President of UGR

Located 150 km northwest of Fort St. John, in the heart of British Columbia's Montney resource development, the Daiber gas plant provides refrigeration, condensate stabilization and sales compression services. The facility is entirely owned by KANATA and is adjacent to a lean gas dehydration and compression facility that is 50% owned by KANATA.

Facility Specifications

  • Refrigeration inlet capacity:
    28 mmcfd, rapidly expandable to 100 mmcfd
  • Net lean gas inlet capacity:
    25 mmcfd, rapidly expandable to 100 mmcfd
  • Refrigeration inlet pressure:
    500 psi
  • Natural gas offtake:
    Enbridge T-North
  • Stabilized condensate offtake:
    Truck out
  • Location:
    150 km NW of Fort St. John
    GPS: Decimal – N 56.790097°,
    W -122.291182°
    Degrees: N 56°47'24.35",
    W 122°17'28.25"
    LSD: A-054-C/094-B-16